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Check out the pictures from our (Kristin + me) Peru trip.

I finished my new climbing t-shirt design. If you want one for yourself, here is the source file. I used a company called Spreadshirt to print them.

Here are pictures from my friend Ben's Wedding (well reception... it's complicated) in Portland: P1000259

I started using zenphoto for my photo galleries. So far its better than the home built method I was using to generate thumbnails and the like. Check out my new photos of california.

Bruce and Kristin just got back from a two week trip to India. Check out the pictures.

Look at Bruce and Kristin's New York pictures.

Look at Kristin's Galapogos pictures.

Check out the Sedona, AZ climbing pictures.

China pictures are here. You can look at some of my favorites or download the gigantic zip files: China China China

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