Excel Unit Converter

Don't you often wish you could convert between physical units with in excel without having to buy any additional software? Now you can.
The unit convert program gives you two worksheet functions, u(expression,CELL REFERENCE,CELL REFERENCE,...) and uConv(expression,"unit").

As you can see, you can write an equation to calculate kinetic energy: "1/2*x1*x2^2" where x1 refers to the first cell reference (in this case the mass) and x2 refers to the second cell reference (the velocity). This form allows you to write one equation and then drag it down (like you normally do in excel) to have it repeated on different inputs.

The way the unit converter works is that everything is defined in terms of SI base units. For example, an inch is 0.0254 meters and a mile is 1609.3 m. Therefore the unit converter can figure out that there are 63358 inches/ mile (1609.3 / 0.0254 = 63358). Each unit has the various base measurements raised to whole powers. For example a pascal is a kg*s^-2*m^-1. This definition makes it possible to convert between different types of units. For example, the program can convert newtons / km^2 to psi.

All of these definitions are included directly on the excel worksheet where they can be edited or extended. If you wanted a unit of Standard Cubic Feet, you could add it with units of moles and define to agree with whatever standard pressure and temperature you are comfortable with.

The program is open source. Feel free to use it, but give me credit and include a link to http://bruceeng.com/engineering.html
Download it here. excel unit converter