Bruce's Projects

iMancipate: This is an open source tool that I wrote for creating DRM free versions of iTunes songs. It reencodes a playing iTunes song as an mp3 that is tagged identically to the original. It makes so I can listen to purchased iTunes music on my Creative Zen Media Player. It is similar to tunebites but entirely free and open source. It also interface directly with iTunes.

PE Practice Problems:

While studying for the PE exam in chemical engineering, I was unimpressed at the quality vs cost of the available practice problems. After passing the exam, I set out to write a better, and currently free, set of practice problems. It turns out that writing these problems is more time consuming than I had anticipated. Here is a work in progress of some practice problems for the chemical PE exam. Feel free to download them for personal use. You may not redistribute them.
PE practice problems (work in progress)

Beer goat: Its a metal goat with a keg inside!
During our four years at Rice University, David Kelin and I dreamed of creating a mascot for martel college. When we joined as freshmen, Martel was just built and represented a blank slate, awaiting the development of tradtition. As eager newcomers, Dave and I envisioned that the creation of a mascot could help instill Martel spirit. The idea of a goat came from two sources. First, Speros Martel, the namesake of the college was a Greek, and goats are an important greek animal. Secondly, the goat was a tribute to the upper classmen who had transfered into Martel (we were the first incoming freshmen). The previous year, they had celebrating the festivities of Beer-Bike by obtaining a live goat and keeping it on campus for a period of time. The idea of having a keg inside also has a couple of inspirations. The first is purely practical: most things are better with kegs inside. The second is another greek reference, a play off of the story of the trojan horse which held a secret inside.

The beer goat and Andrew. (This is not me.)

The first attempt at the beer goat was a wooden frame that was slightly warped. After proclaiming that a failure, the beer goat remained a dream for the next year while Dave kept busy playing golf and Bruce lacked the motivation to do it on his own. The goat surfaced again when Dave quit the golf team and then created a model of a beer squirrel. After the squirrel was vetoed, work on a new beer goat began in earnest. A welding machine was purchased and steel was obtained. Unfortunately, even after putting in many long hours, ultimately our class loads proved too heavy (we're both chemical engineers) and the goat was left head-less. Finally the goat was passed to the next generation of Martellians, and the rest is history.